Monday, August 16, 2010

JMO - The Community Center

I'll make this short and sweet, and make my opinion very clear. The Islamic community center being proposed two blocks from the former World Trade Center and now the 9/11 memorial ground should be allowed to be built and used for Muslims to practice their faith and values as Americans and Muslims visiting America. It should be allowed to inform and teach Americans about the real faith of Islam.

As the President said, as long as it meets local code and ordinances, there is no reason it should be stopped or prevented from being built. It's about fairness and rightness for all Americans to follow our Constitution. It's that simple, build it and show Americans and the world our understanding and accepting of religious diversity and freedom, the one thing the opposition cherishes and demands for their churches and centers, which has made this country great. It is our history, our values and what what America and our laws are about.

That's it. No hedging. No qualifications. Nothing against it. Let them build it. Period.

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