Thursday, September 2, 2010

JMO - Season End for Mariners

The (un)official end of the Seattle Mariners' season, as far as I'm concerned, was last night (September 1) when they lost their 81st game of the season, which means the best they can do is to get to .500 for the season, and only if they win the last 29 games. Like that's going to happen when they're already 29 games under .500. In reality their season ended Memorial day when after an 11-12 April they went 8-19 in May and were 19-31 at that point.

It was only time as they routinely lost more games than they won each month except June when they were 14-13. But since then they were 6-22 in July and 13-14 in August. All of this with promises of a great, and probably penant winning, season, except it didn't happen when after starting 9-. They went down hill from there with only a few spurts of wining more than losing, but always surrounded by losing more than winning, often getting swept in series.

As of September 2nd (before tonight's game), the Mariners are 52-81, the second worst record in the American League and even baseball. At this pace, they'll finish somewhere between 95 and 101 loses, just like three of the last five years after their record setting 116-46 season, only to lose in the divisional playoff.

What does it mean? Well, for me, I stopped watching them sometime in August and only really watch when nothing else was on TV or I was working and listened to the on the radio. For now I don't plan to watch or listen very often except maybe the last game to see if they can at least look good going out of the door as a disappointing team for the fans. All their promises in the spring never bloomed beyond buds of hope and then died.

There's always hope for next year, but how much is that worth when you know their track record isn't all that good?

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