Wednesday, September 22, 2010

JMO - Get some damn balls

I wrote last week about my anger at the Democrats in the Senate, and you clearly have to look at Senator Reid and the rest of his co-horts in control of the Senate, over their ineptness and incompetence when they have 59 votes, clearly a majority on the Senate. They continually balk and withdraw any legislation the Republicans, and a few conservative (asshole) Democrats, which faces a potential filibuster.

Except the Republicans know this and they always threaten a filibuster. Last week it was the extention Bush tax cuts and President Obama's proposal to limit the cut to the first $250,000, meaning everyone gets a cut, just not income over that limit. That's fair, good and right. And the Democrats, kicked the bill down the political road than force the Republicans' hand.

And now it's the Defense Appropriations bill and over the DADT and Dream amendments in the bill. Those are also fair, good and right, and again the Republicans, some who voted for these amendments in committee, threaten and did in fact filibuster. Ok, let them do that, all the way up to election day. Make they pay with their seat in the election.

And this is just another issue the Democrats don't have any backbone or more so balls to do what's fair, right and good for America and Americans. They whimper before the Republicans, pleading for a few of their votes with concessions, which we saw in the healthcare bill and other bills where most of what was fair, good and right was striped from the bill to get votes.

Maybe the Democrats deserve to lose the Senate this year. I don't know what Senator Reid needs to get some balls to do what's need to be done. He obviously doesn't believe the Nike slogan. And he obviously panders than stands, begs and tells, and asks than says. He's the head of the Democrats in the Senate, so why can't he lead to get things done?

Maybe he deserves to lose to one of the worst candidates the Republicans have put up for election. The Democrats have worried about their base, and yet they've done very little to support their base and less to excite it for the election. I'm a registred Democrat only because you have to declare a party here. Otherwise, I'd be an independent, hating both, only the Republicans more.

The Democrats in the Senate have consistently shown just how inept they are. And they expect their base to think it's ok. We've seen President Obama backtrack, or worse jettison, views and support on issues he campaigned on. We know that was campaign rhetoric, but some of it, like closing GITMO, DADT, DOMA, tax cuts, healthcare (remember he promised the publiic option, the first thing he ejected for votes) and so on, can and should be done.

But what did he do? He kicked it to Congress. Like they were going to do what he asks when they're already afraid of their own shadow and are more worried about getting re-elected than helping America and Americans with good Democratic value laws which you can sign and help everyone, help our country, help our environment, and so on. He only talks better than most of the Senate Democrats.

He's only one step better than the Senate Democrats. I know now I can't trust him as long as he's talking. He needs to remember who voted for him (like me) and remember what he promised, and then go for that. Fuck the opposition. The Republicans don't play fair or nice in politics, why does he and the Democrats? Fair and nice doesn't go very far, and it's doesn't win for what's fair, good and right.

So, my advice to the Democrats, including the President, get some damn balls. It's about America and Americans, not your political ass that's important.

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