Wednesday, September 15, 2010

JMO - Dear Democrats

Would you please find or get some backbone, or more so, some balls? Yes, all you spineless ones who are afraid to take on the Republicans in an election year. All of you, every last one of you. For the people's sake, stand up, speak up, and push the Republicans to prove just how stupid and hateful of ordinary Americans they are. Yes, you have the majority of the Senate and you haven't used it out of fear.

It's almost too late with the voters this year. They don't like you because you don't stand up for us, everyday, ordinary Americans, like you should. Please put the Obama cut tax bill before the Senate (cuts for all those below $250,000 and all those above on the first $250,000 of income) and make the Republicans filibuster it or vote no. They are the party of no and you let them make you the party of give in to them. They won't budge but you not only budged but helped them say no.

This is your chance to change that. Make the Republicans prove they're not for Americans or America. They want to increase the defiict with the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy and then blame you for the deficit. You see this, you know this and yet, you go along without saying anything. What are you? Who are you? And where is your support of those who elected you?

So, put the damn bill up for a vote and show the voters who's where, for whom and for what. Don't delay this after the election. Don't put it off because you're afraid of a filibuster. The Republicans aren't afraid to threaten a filibuster. So challenge them to put up or shut up. Challenge them to say no to ALL Americans. Don't let Representative Boehner and Senator O'Connell deny the Obama tax cut applies to the rich. It does. Don't just say that, put them in the spotlight and challenge them on it.

So Democrats, as anyone may ungraciously tell you, "Get your head out of your collective ass", and stand up with a vote for Americans. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We're smarter than you think and we're smarter than you at times. We see it. You don't. So how about it?

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