Monday, September 20, 2010

JMO - Beware of GOP

With the November elections coming up for all the seats in the House and some of the seats in the Senate, I've written about how voters should really think before they vote. We've all heard the political and election rhetoric, and we all know it's justs hype and bullshit, all to get your attention and get your vote. This isn't unique to the Republicans or the Democrats, but it's happening with the Tea Party, Green Party and other parties.

But what you need to really be aware of, ask questions about and really think through is the rhetoric of challenge. The Republicans have been the party of "No" since Obama was sworn into office as President. They've made it their political strategy and tactics to prevent the Democrats from doing anything substantial or at least not without watering it down to attract Republicans or overcome a filibustter.

They've succeeded. The laws passed under the Democrats are only a shadow of what they wanted or more so what we needed and wanted. And so the Democrats look weak and inept to actually do anything real. While there's some truth to that, as they have 59 seats in the Senate, clearly a majority, they've failed to use it to overcome the Republicans' threats and filibuster. They're spineless and have little courage to do the fair and right thing for American and Americans.

But that aside, the Republicans are only offering criticism of Obama and the Democrats. And they ask you to vote them into the majority, except for what? They haven't offered anything substantial or anything that works for America and Americans, except if you think of corporations and the wealthy - like Bush and his corporate friends running the federal government and the Bush tax cuts.

And if you look at what they have done in the past, you'll see it's what the Democrats have done, only the Republicans, who once claimed credit for these measures, are now denying them as anything but Democratic mandates on Americans. Read the history and you'll see both parties have offered or passed the same measures and sounded the same rhetoric on the issues.
While the Republicans say they're different, they just the same as Democrats for ideas, only differing on who to benefit the most.

So, my point is to beware of Republicans bearing gifts of promises. They've did this during Bush's 8 years and we discovered how bad is was and how bad we are because of it. Do you really want to return to the end of those years. We won't see the buildup where the bubble grew out of control with profits, home prices, stock values, etc. That's gone for a long time. All we'll get from them is empty promises.

And that's what you have to watch, listen, question and think about before you vote for them. What are they really saying. It's the old adage it's not what they're saying but what they're not saying. It's in the nuiance of their words and the words between the lines. That's their real gift. All they want to do is get control of Congress and to use it to help corporations and the wealthy disguised to help you.

This is evident in the Bush tax cuts. The Democratic bill, really Obama's proposal, would give tax breaks to all Americans (only up to $250,000 for those earning more, or the same tax cut as the rest of us), so it's not excluding the wealthy or a tax increase to them, only a return to the pre-Bush tax cuts where they actually paid the same rate. Their rate is lower than ours because of the Republicans. Is that fair or right?

So why argue the wealthy need to keep the lower rate than us? That's what they want control of Congress to do, return to helping the corporations and wealthy with our tax money, at the higher rate than both of them. And think about if they had control of Congess, do you really think they could actually get anything done? Like with Obama and his veto in place for everything they pass and nothing the President wants pass. Is that what you want? A really do nothing Congress? And the Democrats becoming the party of "No" again?

That's their gift to you, for America and Americans. Nothing. The Republicans have no clothes. See them for what they have been since January 2009 and see them for what they are now. That's what you'll get if you elect them to Congress, more of the same "No", except it will be no to America and Americans.

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