Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Readers

As a reader of this blog, and reading this post, I want to get some idea of what you think about things here. If you look you'll notice the "Google Analytics" on the bottom of all my blogs. You'll also notice four cookies in your cookies file for this blog (utma and utmz). These are Google's tracking cookies. They're harmless (for me, I don't know about Google) and you can simply delete them anytime you want.

But that's not my point here. I look at the statistics every Monday to see the numbers of readers, the length of time spent and what individual posts they, or really you, read. It's mostly curiousity than anything else. I only really use them with my Website to track what the hits and time on individual Web pages to assess if the work is useful and helpful.

And to that end I'd like to hear from you. I notice in some of the blogs, some posts are consistently read. Not just hit and scanned but actually read, meaning the average time on the Web pages is significant. But in the hundreds of hits over the years, no one has commented on the post, good, bad or indifferent. Not even a thank you or a, "Wow, how stupid." comment.

You can always read my rules, my perspective and my notes about my blogs on the posts listed in the right column below my profile. It pretty much frames the blogs for myself and readers. The rules are enforced as some blogs are open with review later and some are moderated first. This was imposed on some blogs to catch spammers who were posting ad-filled comments.

I know this blog along with the others I write are mostly for my own amusement to write what I think. My father never talked about his life to us kids, only with his friends from work. And our family didn't talk about "sensitive" issues. I didn't speak up until my last year before retirement when I knew what I said wasn't going to kill my career. It was long killed by my ouspokenness about work over the years.

I started the blogs to think out loud. Not much else. I usually have my best writing in the morning, so by about 8-9 am, my brain is ready for other stuff. I also keep a significant number of drafts in the blog to work on over time. Some posts, usually obvious, are spontaneous thoughts and some sit for a few days to as much as a year or more. Some are just notes to expand later when the thoughts come together.

But in the end. I can't tell if you, the readers, find it interesting or not, useful or not, helpful or not, or just like reading a cereal box, something to read when eating breakfast, or a snack or meal later. It's why some thoughts are what I call cereal box reading, read and forgotten.

Anyway, I'd like to hear from you, either on specific post (post your comment) or e-mail.


  1. I comment from time to time, as you know. I read more than I comment. My opinion usually isn't important enough to put into writing. :)

  2. You're excused as you do comment, which is appreciated. I'm just curious of the many other readers. I know it's that they read and go on, and it's nothing to really think or worry about. I do the same. This isn't a really popular blog, just more than I imagined. Thanks for your comments.