Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Fair Trade

This is for both the Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party members of Congress. I'll offer all the Republiicans a fair trade with the fight over raising the debt ceiling this spring and the 2012 federal budget. In return for more budget cuts you'll agree to terminate the tax cuts for the wealthy, all gross incomes over $1 million, terminating subsidies to energy companies, wealthy farmers and ranchers, and other unncessary subsidies, and a restructure of the tax codes to get corporations to pay their fair share of taxes, meaning closing all the loop holes.

This way you get your budget cuts, we all get additional revenue to help balance the budget, remember you ran on that issue, and we get everyone to pay their fair share. This way we should increase the revenue and lower the annual deficit and national debt at the same time. Seems fair to me. So, Democrats, that's the strategy and tactic. And so, Republicans, put up or shut up about lowering deficit and debt.

That's it in a nutshell. And it's a workable plan where all side agree on the goal of reducing the deficit and debt. It's a winner for all. So are you Democrats too chicken to stand up for the American people and are you Republicans too chicken to negotiate an agreement? A real one the American people will love. And isn't that what this is all about? What you're supposed to be doing? Workng for us?

And for what it's worth department, Social Security is off the table. It's not negotiable for the budget deficit or national debt. Congress has borrowed about $5 trillion from it to balance past budgets. You should stop borrowing from it and return the money you have borrowed by 2025-2030 to restore the full balance of it and never borrow from it again.

It is currently self-funded until about 2040 and with the restoration of the borrowed money would only take a few tweaks, like raising the taxable income level and adding more enrollees - hint, solve the illegal immigration problem to make the citizens and add to the rolls to make it solvent until 2075 and beyond without cutting benefits.

So, now go and get it done.

Signed, the American People.

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