Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There Should be a Law

Update.--Senator Kyl's office had revised the official print copy of his speech on the floor printed in the Congressional Records. The Senate allows Senators to change what they said on the floor, in front of cameras, for corrections, updates, etc., meaning undo an obvious, blatant lie. That changes the record but it doesn't change history or his arrogance to lie to the American people on the Senator floor.

Original Post (4/15/11).--There should be a law that all members of Congress, when speaking on the floor of the House or Senate, that requires them to use facts or face disciplinary action by the ethics commitee for lying. When Senator Kyl told an obvious lie on the floor of the Senate about Planned Parenthood of America, and he knew it was a lie, he should be held accountable for his discrimination and hate speech.

And all his spokesperson said was, "It was not intended to be a factual statement.", meaning for effect only. Except someone on his staff had to write it and he had to know it was a lie and still stood there and said it. It was a conscious lie with all the intentions of fabricating falsehoods about Planned Parenthood of America (PPA).

And I've seen time and time again Representatives and Senators stand at the podium and not speak a word of the truth, and make up facts, to make a point which they had to know was blatantly wrong and had to know they were lying to make their point. Senator Kyl did it to show a point but only showed how stupid he is and how far he'll go to show how stupid he is, just to make a point.

It's wrong for them to lie on the floor. It's wrong when they call the facts lies and use their opinions as fact ("I said it so it must be true."). It's wrong to discriminate with their hate to condemn people who don't deserve it and haven't hurt them. And they should face some rule which bans them from speaking for a period of time, like a week for one lie, and a month for a whole speech of lies.

They should be held accountable to the American people for spreading lies and hate, and Senator Kyl should apologize to PPA on the Senate floor in a speech written by a neutral party which is honest and admit he intentionally lied to all of us.

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