Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dear Congress

After listening to the President State of the Union address last night it's clear to me, as it is to any American with any modicum of common sense, that the issues are now in the hands of Congress, both the Republicans who control the House and the Democrats who control the Senate. He said what needed to be done to help this country now and in the future.

He laid out what bills needed to be passed and presented to him for signature, bills which will help create jobs, help homeowners, help all low and middle income families, and help this country. It's not that hard, it's really quite straight-forward and simple, only you make it hard with all your dumb political shenanigans and games.

We're tired of that, we're tired of you. If you don't believe that, then you haven't read the polls about your almost single digit approval ratings. Both chambers and both parties. Get the picture? It's not about party politics now. It's about the American people and America. You've stalled for the better part of two years now and time is up.

So it's the simple phrase.

Get your head out of your political asses and get the job done.

We're expecting it. And if you don't, we get to decide about you come this November. Now that should be clear.

Get to work or get fired.

The first choice is your, but the last choice is ours, not yours. And right now and this year, we don't care about politics, only results.

Update to Post

Someone graciously reminded me that having a majority in either chamber of Congress doesn't mean control of that chamber as we have seen over the last 2-plus years of the minority Republicans dominating the Senate with the hold and filibuster rules, something they negotiated to use only minimally but then reniged.

This is why those rules need to be changed by the majority Democrats and if they're leader Harry Reid won't do the job, then he also needs to be changed. It's what the Republicans planned all along, make the Democrats and the President look ineffective and Senator Reid obliged them. The people have seen and had enough Mr. Reid, so it's the same for you.

Either change the rules to let a majority rule or quit.

The people want results, not politics as we've seen by you and your "friend" Republican minority leader Mitch McConnell. Remember you're a Democrat, not a Republican, so act and lead like a Democrat.


  1. Except the Republicans in the Senate are really in control because they filibuster everything. And you'll have fewer Democrats after the next election, not more.

    1. The first is true, but that's due to Senate majority leader Reid who has no balls or backbone to stand up to the Republicans, even after they broke their agreement about filibusters. The Republicans agreed not to hold or filibuster judicial or political nominations, simply make them an up or down vote.

      We've learned Senator Reid is too chummy with the minority leader McConnell. I think the Senate Dems will elect a new leader because Reid didn't change the 60-vote override and brokered a bad agreement with the Republicans. That's what the President said, do whatever it takes to change the rules so a majority does in fact control the Senate.

      As for the second, I'm looking for the Democrats to retake the House and oust many of the Tea Party and Republican members who have shown their intransigence to negotiate. That assumes all the states' redistricting plans actually made the new congressional districts more contestable. Some will be and some won't, but there's hope.