Friday, December 20, 2013

Apple App Store

It would be nice if Apple would require companies with applications in the Apple App Store to keep the Apple version updated comparable to the one they sell on their Website or either post a notice on the page in the App Store that the version isn't the latest available or remove the app or the company from the App Store.

I say this because I continually have applications going back a year which are out of date according to the company and the version on their Website. The companies are clearly not sending updates to Apple for the App Store for whatever reason(s).

In reading about some of the companies they will say they don't like Apple's policies or the process for the App Store. Ok, then don't sell there and don't use the App Store license to bypass selling Apple approved applications.

In addition, many of these companies refuse to honor the license or copy bought through the App Store for the version available on their Website, so if you want it there you have to buy it again where they'll promise to keep it updated.

I've written about this before and while I've moved some application off the App Store, it's only because the company withdrew the application from the App Store and honored the Apple receipt to issue a license for the application on their Website.

Apple needs to address the practice of companies trying to have it both ways with applications, to comply with Apple's policies for applications to have one on the App Store but then only sell the latest or new versions through their Website.

Apple needs to ensure people who buy applications through the App Store will have some assurance that the application will always be updated or upgraded through the App Store or the application will either have a notice it may not be updated or it will be withdrawn.

It's time Apple stopped the con some companies are using the App Store to sell applications which will install and work but not available through the App Store.

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