Thursday, December 19, 2013

OS-X 10.9.1

What I've seen in the short time I've installed and used the latest update to OS-X Mavericks, specifically 10.9.1 is encouraging but also discouraging as while they're tweaking the underlying operating system flaws they're also playing with the bells and whistles ignoring some residual problems.

First, though, OS-X 10.9.1 handles cpu memory better, but it could be better which I hope they keep going. They've made changes to the file cache where it doesn't seem to get out of hand too often. It still does at times, even maxing out your total cpu memory for some tasks if the memory is available, but it seems to recover some of it.

But they still haven't fixed third party file cache memory when you close the app, especially if you don't plan to reopen it. You still need to use the purge command occasionally to recover the memory or wait for the daily maintenance.

They didn't change the app memory enough to see it reduce if you close apps with no interest to reopen them. It still seems to hold the memory which is what they want to reduce the time to reopen them if the users wants the app later. It's really six of one, half a dozen which is right if the memory is there.

I still get occasional problems with the scrolling with Safari and Mail, but closing the tab or going to another mail sometimes cures it, but sometimes I have to close these apps to get scrolling back. This is something they seem to know about.

Ok, that's the story outside of my obvious anger they broke the menu bar icon control and didn't fix it. If they don't fix it with 10.9.2 I'll buy a third party app to do the same thing, but really that's stupid since the developers broke it and should fix it.

Enough said for now. I'm still waiting for 10.9.2 and until then I wouldn't recommend anyone upgrade to Mavericks unless you want the changes from Moutain Lion.

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