Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adobe CC 2014

Well, I updated my Adobe CC applications, and discovered some interesting stuff Adobe is doing, but it's becoming clear that Adobe has abandoned Creative Suite (CS) applications, from CS6 on back and moving people to the subscription Creative Cloud (CC).

But then they also decided to abandon CC applications for CC 2014 applications. All of the updates are new applications. So what happened. For one Creative Cloud generates spindumps message and crash reports when you open it.

For one, they've lost the order of the applications in the application window. They used to be alphabetically, but now it's random bunches totally out of order. Did anyone actually test anything before they released it or are they relying on users?

Ok, onward. One, Dreamweaver (DW) CC 2014 won't open. No messages, nothing. It won't open. Muse CC 2014 generates a ton of CoreTex performance note messages, about Client called CTFontCreateWithName... messages.

For another Photoshop CC 2014 takes a long time to open files and the cross-hairs are hard to see in images in the window. I had to use a cursor coordinator application to show me where it was in the window.

I haven't checked others yet, in part because I'm angry DW CC 2014 won't open to see if they fixed anything they've known with DW CC. I'm even more angry they've known about problems with DW CS6 since Apple released OS-X 10.9.0.

All I got in response from them is that the problems have been known and are on the list to fix, maybe with DW CC 2014. So are they with DW CC 2014? I'd like to know if the application would open.

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