Sunday, June 1, 2014


With all the problems of the Veterans Administration (VA) some proposals on the table see great short term solutions for getting through the backlog and waiting list for care for veterans.

First, the VA can authorize veterans to access and use private healthcare providers for services and treatment currently not available or with long wait times similar to Medicare.

Second, the VA can simply buy basic health insurance for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans to get immediate healthcare, through the health exhanages in the states or through a national program where it's not availble.

Third, the VA can move non-war related healthcare for older veterans, eg. WWII, Korean war and Vietnam-era veterans, to their private health insurance with voucher to afford the insurance for their healthcare.

Fourth, the VA can review the current backlog to prioritize healthcare. This they have been doing but should do more. I know some veterans using the VA facilities for healthcare not service related and have access to alternative healthcare services.

This Congress can immediately authorize and fund and help veterans get healthcare and give the VA time to resolve their longstanding problems to eventually return veterans to VA professionals and facilities.

It's been reported the vast majority of veterans eligible for VA service, like myself, use their own health insurance for their healthcare. This works as we don't want to make the VA's problems worse

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