Monday, December 8, 2014

Apple Apps

It would be nice if Apple actually tested and debugged their own apps. Their latest iteration of IOS and more so OS-X is full of small bugs which causes user real problems, like bluetooth not working to iPhone 5-series phones with IOS 8, and endless error messages in the console log.

The former is very irritating as it's an IOS 8 with iPhone 5 problem, but not on the iPad with IOS 8 to Mac's on OS-X 10.10 or 10.10.1. I can't run any app which uses Bluetooth on the iPhone 5 to the Mac because the iPhone doesn't recognize the Mac, but the iPad does.

The latter is more frustration as both iTunes and the App store have similar error messages when you open them, only sometimes for iTunes but always for the App store. The messages start just after you open the app and log every 30-60 seconds, even after you close it.

You end up having to reboot the Mac to stop the error message. The first is iTunes which often writes a "discoveryd: Basic Sockets SetDelegatePID() failed...." message This message also often occurs if you open too many apps which requires an Internet connection.

The App Store error message is "kernal: BUG in process suhelper(PID no.): over-released legacy..." which goes on until you close the app, as does the message "storeaccountd: AccountServiceDelegate:..." message which isn't an error message, but a constant message.

You would think Apple developers were better than this to at least read the console log with release versions, and then test and debug those which write a lot of lines, so continuing after the app is closed.

You would think, but apparently Apple is more concerned about adding bells and whistles few people want than fixing the stuff they already have. If OS-X 10.10 was a car, only God would know how many recall notices would be required to fix it.

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