Thursday, November 13, 2014


Democrats showed just how politically stupid they can be after the defeat in the 2014 election losing the Senate under majority leader Harry Reid and losing even more seats the House under Nancy Pelosi.

First, they refused to bring up the confirmation of Loretta Lynch to be Attorney General when they have the best chance to get the nomination through the Senate since the Republicans can't block or filibuster it.

Do it now or it won't happen without the Republicans in control of the Senate extracting political blood from President Obama, which may be their reason, to share the blame for the election and get back at him for failing to help them keep the Senate.

In short, political payback?

Second, is the worst stupid thing they did, to re-elect Harry Reid the new minority leader. He was good when he was the minority leader up to 2006, but he was and is worse as the majority leader. He's not the way to go into the 2016 election.

And what's worse is when the opposition democrats, to appear to show the party is in unison, acquiesced when he bought their silence and vote with appointments of some of them into non-important roles in the partly leadership.

In short, nothing changes, and the outspoken voices are now controlled by the leadership.

How obviously stupid is that?

People want to party to be strong, vocal and stand up to the Republicans for the next two years going into the 2016 election. That's not Harry Reid's style. We don't want backroom political manuverings and deals. We want public outrage.

Harry is too close to soon-to-be majority leader Mitch McConnell who reniged on every promise he made with Harry Reid and still Harry Reid shook his hand everytime they "agreed" on the rules, about a bill or some nomination.

And we got more of the same. Nothing gained and everything lost. All in the name of politics and not the American people. And the democrats wonder why even democratic voters hate them? It wasn't just President Obama.

 If you haven't figured it out by November 2016, the Republicans will have all three in their name. And what will you tell us then? Or will you blame us for your failures again?

You know the old advice, "Don't screw this up?" Well, you did. I hope you have your political shovels for the next two years as you dig your own hole. And we won't care. We'll just be angry.

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