Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The President

To President Obama,

You just got handed your political hat by the many, but not all (me included), of the white voters in this country when the didn't vote for the Democrats because of you. Yes, you. You were the election the Republicans pushed as the failure of this country.

And while that's not true, you have the political reality now of both the House and more so the Senate controlled by Republicans who plan to eviscerate the Demcrats and nullify you. This is not a time to talk about bipartianship as you have failed to see how much that hasn't worked.

This is a time to stand up, speak out and be strong for Democratic values, policies and priniciples and not talk about, let alone agree to, bipartianship the Republicans will offer you in the form of poisoned bills you have to veto and face the Republican backlash or sign and face the Democratic backlash.

It's time you become what we've wanted in a President, a voice, not of reconcillation to lose, but one of strength of values who'll not hesitate to veto any amendment, let alone bills, which will restrict the people or sell this country to the corporations and the wealthy.

The truth is we don't care about bipartianship anymore as we've seen enough of the failures of your efforts and of itself with the Republicans. They will do whatever it takes to weaken if not eviscerate your presidency and power.

It's time to fight! Not talk. Not negotiate. Not compromise. But fight the Republicans. They won't give you anything without getting far more in return. That's not leadership. That's not what we expect or want from you.

It's time you stop being political and start being the President.

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