Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Democrats, here's my words of advice for the next two years and 2016 election. It's very simple.

Get you head out of your political ass and get to work fighting the Republicans tooth and nail. Go for political blood if you have to because they won't stop doing what they've long planned, which is in part to gut your power, but mostly to destroy our country and the economy and abandon the American people for corporations and the wealthy.

Fight to get voting rights restored. Fight to get voters registered. Fight to get people, good, smart people to be candidates, not the tried and true white guys, but real people who can and will be elected for governors and more so Congress, especially the Senate. And get voters out in 2016.

Fight for the American people, or you'll find yourself the minority party for years after 2016. That's what's at stake now. You screwed up, now fix it!

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