Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Well, it's fair to say the big money of the corporations and the wealthy conned the people into a Republican landslide by making the election about the President and not the candidates running for Congress.

To that I can only say for the next two years you don't get to whine when the Republicans show their true colors and forget who voted for them, but focus on those who wrote the checks and now own them and Congress. You're now just a memory to them as you already were before the election.

This is a time you can rejoice but not whine when there is more partisanship and gridlock in Congress, especially the Senate, as nothing of worth will be done as they push the President into using the power of the veto to stop them. This election wasn't about candidates, it was about the President.

It was an election white people decided to overwhelm the rest of the country to try an impose their power as white. Don't buy that, just look at the Republicans who won and those already in Congress. How many aren't white between 40 and 70. Very few. And remember Senators are elected for 6 years. That will be a long time for voter remorse.

And we're not going to listen to that or you now. You wanted them, their political stupidity, partisanship, blindness and all, you shoved it on all of us now. We get the right over the next few years to say we told you so when they do nothing for you, for this country and for the people, but only for corporations and the wealthy.

And in 2016 we get the right to be angry at you for your stupidity being so gullible and not seeing just how bad things can be with them in power, as we all we now see just how bad they can and will be, thanks to you.

You don't get my thanks, but my anger at you.

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