Monday, February 16, 2015

USPS Priority Failed

Update.-- The folks at the Post Office said they only refund Express mail deliveries, and Priority Mail deliveries only have "expectation date of delivery" and not date of promise, so any late deliveries only gets you a shrug as the folks there only say they're not responsible for their own mistakes or failures.

Original Post.--I sent my IRS tax form (refund) via USPS 3-day priority mail and I discovered today is was delivered 7 days later, not 3 days, and it took 4 days to get from San Jose, CA to Fresno, CA. Really. Greyhoud is faster that the USPS from San Jose to Fresno and it takes the scenic route with lots of stops.

Will someone at the US Post Office explain this to me and why I should not get a refund for the failure of the USPS to deliver it when it promised and I paid? Huh?

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