Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Any Ideas

Update II.-- The lab results came back on two of these to be aggregated bacteria, amorphous tissue and degenerative plant tissue. In short intestinal garbage, neatly packaged and ready to ship. Go figure.

Update.--I had an appointment with my physician and they gave me sample preservative jars to collect one of these for a lab to run pathology tests to determine what, and likely what type of virus, these tissue masses are. And yes, one is going to the lab soon.

I learned there are no blood test to determine if an infection is bacterial or viral in nature, only the white blood cell count to distinguish between them (high is bacterial, low is viral). I also read a test is under clinical trials which can identify viruses in blood samples, but it's 1-2 years from FDA approval and longer for availability by labs.

Original Post (1/11/2015).--This is what has been causing my intestinal flu. Yeah, this pill sized something. It started in November after I had the seasonal flu for nearly three weeks followed by a few days of feeling good to come down with the intestinal flu.

What many professionals will tell you and all the medical Websites don't say is that some people have the opposite symptoms and effects with the intestinal flu, meaning moderate to severe constipation and adverse reactions to food instead of diarrhea, etc.

This has been a long standing problem with me for decades when I first showed this opposite effect with the flu in the early 1980's and the gastroenterologist then said they had a few cases and it would likely be permanent. It was.

Having the intestinal flu after the seasonal has been reported to be common as your digestive system and immue system are compromised. The flu lasted nearly 3 weeks to suddenly stop and feel normal after expelling a few of these over a period of a day.

When I say normal, well that's relative as I have food sensitivities and live on a varied but narrow diet, but that almost completely changed in December where I lost old foods and gained new foods. I had the flu a few times in December and all but two days in January so far since getting over the first episodes.

The flu since November lasts 4-5 days at the end of which one of these is expelled (clue - they float and easily recognizable as they look like a large pill).  And as you can see they're relatively large (that's a tongue  depressor).

Within a few minutes all the symptoms of the flu disappear and the digestive system and body is and feels normal again. In December the good periods lasted over a week before it started again but in January, I've had two episodes since New Year's day.

Since this is the one common thread to causing and ending the episodes of the intestinal flu, I'm open to ideas as to what the hell it is.  If you cut into it it's pink inside like a hard candy with a soft, almost mushy center.

Right now I seem to come down with the flu shortly resuming walks for my exercise progam or running errands in a lot of places around town, meaning cold weather and places with people (walks are for trips to stores, etc in town).

And since New Year's day I've only walked one day (normally 6-8 miles 15-20 days a month) because of the flu leaving me sick. They've said the flu season is worse this year and the flu vacine isn't as effective (wrong type) which might explain why people seem to be more susceptible this year.

While I seem to be good at fighting colds and the seasonal flu, I seem to be coming down with the intestinal flu often which makes me wonder if it's more persistent this year, especially in a host, or just more people (carriers) walking around infecting people, like me.

Anyway, take your shot at what you think.

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