Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I know

Here's what I know about bluetooth with iPhones and iPads. I have the first generation iPad running IOS 5 and an iPad Air running IOS 8, and both will connect with my Mac Pro running OS-X 10.10.2 via bluetooth. The iPad Air now connects first time and stay connected. The iPad takes a few tries but once connected stays connected.

But my iPhone 5s running IOS 8 won't connect with my Mac Pro, and while folks have suggested it's a hardware problem, it worked with every version of IOS 7, which means it's a software problem introduced with IOS 8 which was written for iPhone 6-series models.

The iPhone 5s has never worked with any version of IOS 8 despite reported problems and reported fixes by Apple developers, but each version still doesn't work. The latest version doesn't even try to connect with the Mac Pro.

So why do I get the feeling Apple has decided iPhone 5-series models isn't their future and their only answer to us is to buy an iPhone 6 model, which I don't want because I like the size of the iPhone 5s since I have an iPad Air for a larger, and better, idevice to work on than an iPhone 6.

The only way I'll upgrade is if Apple makes an iPhone 5-size iPhone 6, and I'll wait until my AT&T contract is up to renew with one. AT&T gave me the iPad Air free for upgrading the iPhone 4 to a 5s. Really, but it's a two-year contract.

I've been an AT&T mobile customer since the 1990's when I had an analog (brick) phone, so they know I'm a, maybe stupidly, loyal customer. I just want Apple to fix bluetooth instead of announcing fixes they know don't work. How about it Apple? It worked before.

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