Thursday, March 26, 2015

Says it all

This from the New York Times today (3/26/14) says it all about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Israel’s president on Wednesday officially handed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the task of forming a new government, saying its first priority was to repair relations with the United States and indirectly chiding Mr. Netanyahu for Election Day warning that Arab citizens were flocking to polling places in “droves.”

“One who is afraid of votes in a ballot box will eventually see stones thrown in the streets,” the president, Reuven Rivlin, said as he ceremonially received the certified results of last week’s election. Later, standing next to Mr. Netanyahu, he described “a difficult election period” in which “things were said which ought not to be said — not in a Jewish state and not in a democratic state.”

It's clear he wants to energize the conservative base and agenda in the 2016 election to elect a Republican president. We should not tolerate the leader of a foreign country interfering with our election process and so blatantly chastising the President for his foreign policy with Iran.

I'm also angry the President didn't make this point when Netanyahu spoke before Congress with a speech meant to incite his political base in Israel. It's clear a Republican President will likely follow what Netanyahu does in Israel with the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza and with Israeli-Arabs in Israel.

One failure I've seen with President Obama is that he doesn't speak openly to criticize people who take such obviously political actions and make such obvious divisive speeches. He always tries to find a way to express his criticism focused on the content of their words or actions while he misses the point of the act or speech itself.

It's clear this won't end until the November 2016 election and who is elected President. Let's hope whoever is elected takes a fair, balanced approach to the Arab-Israeli situation in the Middle East and especially Israel. We are the enemy of many Arabs because of what Isreal does and what Israel does needs to change.

It's time Israel understands the US can't accept such extreme views or acts by the Israeli government against Palestinians or against another foreign country, and the US can't keep providing diplomatic cover and providing military aid in support of such views or acts.

Palestinians deserve a homeland just like Israelis have theirs.

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