Monday, March 30, 2015

Indiana Law

If you don't believe the new Indiana "religious freedom" protection law, you should read the law and then decide. It doesn't limit itself to LGBT people and could be used to discriminate for a whole range of racial, ethinic, religious, sexuality, gender, and on down the line of rights currently guarranteed by federal laws and the US Constitution.

The law doesn't not specify religious freedom from LGBT people, which is its primary focus, and something I think the gay community has wrongly hijacked in their fight for rights. It could be applied to women's reproductive healthcare, to other religious minorities, to racial minorities, to gender identity people, etal.

In short, the bill allows businesses to discriminate if the owners feel providing products or service to customers they don't like and which causes "substantially burden a person's exercise of religion", without actually defining the burden the owners feel the individual(s) impose on them and their religious practices.

This means a pharmacist could lawfully refuse to stock or fill prescriptions for contraceptives or other drugs for women to prevent pregnancies or deal with an unwanted pregnancy. This happened in this (WA) state where the state pharmacy board ruled against pharmacists who refused to provide products to women.

This law is so ambiguous that it even could backfire on Christians who supported and wanted this law to protect themselves against people they don't like because other people who don't agree with Christians or Christianity could refuse to provide products or services to Christians.

I rarely get into these arguments about laws because you never win them, and only end up shouting your view against someone's opposing view without actually hearing them, let alone listening and talking about the issues, the law in this case.

But this time, the law is clearly aimed at giving cover to the conservative Christians because of their hate, and all the political rhetoric about it from Republicans can't white wash the legal stink of it. I doubt it will be repealed, and I don't think any "clarifing language" will make it stink any less.

It's a travesty by the Republicans in Indiana to show exactly why the people of Indiana should vote them out of office in 2016.

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