Friday, March 13, 2015

F-1 App and Website Pt II

Well, I used the Formula 1 app for Friday's (Melbourne time) practice, in part because the Website version didn't have the free basic live timing available, as last year's Website version had for viewers in a simple, straight-forward presentation.

The app and Website versions are very similar, which means both are overblown visual presentations which takes a lot to find the information you want and it's still presented in a more visual and informational format, a lot like the NFL and MLB Websites.

This meant it's lots of show and hype to make the user navigate to find the information. I'm still angry you have to buy two subscriptions if you want both, but I can't see why you need the app if the Website version works with any browser on any platform, computer, tablet or phone.

What's interesting is that the live timing has tons of information, but it's on an array of screens with lots of toggles to switch information, and while that's handy, the one most useful is the leaderboard, but it's still overdone with visuals compared to last year's more text based presentation.

I also found the race and track information less informative than last year's version. I haven't gone through the Website version since I haven't bought the subscription, a dumb more on my part to buy the app subscription first and find it doesn't apply to the Website version.

I'll do some more playing with it, but mostly I'll use the live timing for the practice and especially the races, which is all I want to know, outside of the schedule and the race and season results, which is free for anyone through the Website version

In short, for now, skip the app, which is going through updates frequently, and either use the free features or buy the brower version. It's more flexible, and despite still being clunky for people who liked last year's Website, it's better and even slightly easier than the app version.

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