Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Do the executives at MSNBC news realize their low viewer ratings has to do with the fact the vast majority of TV viewer don't care about the early primary, especially the republican one? Really, almost everytime I turn to the MSNBC channel during the weekeday, it's about the Republican candidates, and just as quickly I turn to another channel.

And on top of that many of the news pundits on MSNBC talk about how much the American people don't follow and don't care about "beltway politics", meaning Washington D.C., but then they talk about nothing else but beltway politics and the Republicans.

What don't the executive realize we don't care. There's a whole world of news out there and we want to understand more about the world than the leading republican candidates in the field of 16 or so candidates. The election doesn't really start until spring of next year for many and not until the summer before the conventions.

So leading news shows with more stories of the same poltical BS doesn't get the attention and viewship. It just turns viewers, like me, off. I don't watch MSNBC very much now because they're a political channel, not news channel anymore.

And so with that, I'll continue to ignore MSNBC and stay with reading the daily newspapers. At least I get to chose what I read (or listen), than being pummeleld by needless, mindless political stories, interviews and commentaries. I'll pay attention when the election really starts next year.

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