Wednesday, September 30, 2015

OS-X El Capitan

Upgrade.-- After working with the new OS-X I've found a few more problems.

First, Mail doesn't work with with the smtp server for my ISP so I can't send mail. This happened with Yosemite and was quickly fixed by Apple, but we'll see what they do now as there's a lot of people reporting problems with Mail.

Second, the automatic Time Machine backups doesn't work. It just keeps reseting the time for the next one does nothing. I have to manually run backups.

Third, the installation turned off iCloud sync for a number of apps so they had be reset.

The problem with Safari 9 and Blogger is fixed, a reboot solved whatever wasn't working before. So it's a, "Huh." response, and on the good side, they fixed Tumblr using Safari. It's loads and scrolls without problems or issues.

Anyway, that's the status so far. Mostly good but some really bad dumb failures by Apple.

Original post.--I upgraded the Mac Pro to OS-X 10.11, El Capitan this afternoon and here are my first notes and impressions. First, it took 4 hours from the start of the download to the final restart, the last 40 minutes doing various checks and restarts to get the initial state memory to stablize.

First impression is that it's slower and takes longer to start and do anything than any previous OS-X version. But that's the norm for Apple and OS-X now as each version increasea the time it takes to do anything anymore.

In short the new spinning rainbow wheel is still the most common response to any command or click.

Second, the initial state takes about 500 MBytes more than Yosemite with the same login and apps, increasing from about 1.2 GBytes to 1.7 GBytes for me. This seems to be the norm for OS-X too, more memory to work.

Advice about the installation.

First, use the command + L to show the log(s) with the installation because the time stalls at various times during the installation and the log(s) show it's working.

Second, open mail first after logging in the first time to convert the old mail to the new mail. This eats memory that's not fully recovered.

Third, get Apple's Java as they don't include it in OS-X anymore. You can click the "Get More" button to open the Web pages to download it. I would get and install Oracle's Java to use as the default if you need and use it, but it stays in the installation if you already have it.

Fourth, restart at least 3 times so everything gets loaded and doesn't need reloading to consume memory on the startup, and stablizes the startup memory.

Fifth, don't forget the purge command to recover the cached file memory which is used after startup and not released. This is about 2 GBytes. This takes adminstrator rights and the terminal window.

That's the initial impression and notes. Otherwise, so far it looks the same to me.

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