Thursday, January 14, 2016

It is easy

“Children don’t ask to be born, just loved.”
Maybe the Pro Life folks should take responsibility to help the children already born to ensure they have a good life when they most need it, that they have good, affordable healthcare, a safe home environment, sufficient food, good, affordable daycare, good pre-school education, a safe neighborhood to play, clean air and water, a good home, and everything else it takes to develop into a young person and adult.
If they did that, with all the resources and people they have and devote to abolish abortion, there’s no telling how much better the children would be here and in the world. Maybe they might learn that it’s the right of the mother to bring her baby into the world or not, but it’s her responsibility if she does to see the baby becomes a healthy child, and that’s where many mothers could use all the help they can for the struggles they have to live and raise their children.
It’s easy for an economically advantaged person to spout morality over babies when they have the resources to raise healthy children, and think it’s universal. It’s not, It’s easy to deny the rest of the world is not like them, but demand the rest of the world act like them. It’s arrogance. It’s easy to stand on a pedastal to espouse religious teaching on life as they interpret it, and ignore the reality of the world below them.
It’s easy to think you have the right to demand power over women and their reproductive healthcare, especially when they’re pregnant. It’s easy when you have the money to live a good life and believe that entitles you to preach. It doesn’t. It doesn’t change the reality of the other women in the world who have less than you, some far less, and have to make hard choices about themself and their baby.
It’s easy to think their life is the real world. Something the they forget and don’t want a reality check that not all babies are like theirs, because of the world those mothers live. It’s easy not to look. And that’s the Pro Life people’s failing, they’re blinded by their own narrow morality and blind to the world outside theirs.
It’s why they forget babes once they’re born and ignore the reality of the world of those babies. It’s not their world, so they don’t care, only their imaginary world of their view of God and life. That’s the tragedy of it. Life is only defined by the womb to them, and anything outside it is irrelevant.

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