Thursday, January 14, 2016


I've been a regular viewer of MSNBC cable news channel for years, even through all the changes they've made to help improve viewership for the network, of which some of the changes were good and some were bad, even terrible, but I still watched the few programs I liked.

That said, with the 2016 election campaign which started last summer, I've watched MSNBC less and less every month and will continue to lessen my watching until the election itself. There are many small reasons for this, but one really big reason.

I'm one of the American public who thinks the election campaigns are far too long, and really useless, since it's about money and power and about politicians lying to get votes. I'm in favor of changing the primary to 3 months prior to the convention in August and then the time to the election. Six months is long enough.

With that I don't watch the news for the campaigns or the politicians. I can read about it in the newspapers and news magazines. That's enough for me to get the information I want than listening to endless lies by politicans and endless opinions by pundits.

And so I don't watch MSNBC news much anymore, only for the occasional news of important world or national events, and even then I turn it off after it gets repetitive, and some people there I like to watch. I skip the ones I don't like, the latter for more than the former.

For one, I don't watch Chris Matthews. As good as he is, he talks too much, interrupts guests too often and doesn't let people complete sentences let alone their thoughts. He's a proverbial bully in that sense. I want to hear guest, not him.

As for the rest, the only one I consistently watch is Rachael Maddow, but even her focus on her favorite subject, politics, is too much most days now where I simply don't turn the TV on to watch her (I skip Matthews and Chris Hayes). I would watch Jose Diaz-Balart, but he's on too early for me when I have to get ready for my daily walk to town.

What can MSNBC news do to get my viewership back? Easy. How about a daily program on world events with foreign correspondents and guests. How about a daily program on national events in the states with local journalists and guests.

How about a show on the issues of importance to voters, like an hour on a subject with neutral hosts and guests to present the background, history, laws and issues on the subject. If they can do an hour show on one political subject, how about the whole array facing Americans here and in the world.

Anyway, that's my rant and vent. I watch MSNBC about an hour a day most day, but many not even at all. And I won't until the election is near. Sorry, I'm fed up the MSNBC giving some Republican candidates free aid time disguised as news. I don't need it and don't want it.

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