Thursday, April 21, 2016


The conundrum democrats face in this year’s primary election is between two candidates who are polar opposites politically as you can get and still call them democrats, although Bernie is an independent. Bernie is the archetype socialist. Hillary is the most conversative democrat candidate in decades.
Hillary Clinton has a record of being a conservative on diplomatic and international issues and a strong supporter on the use of the military, more than any democrat since Johnson. She also has strong, close ties to Wall Street, the major banks, financial and investment corporations. Both of those scare me she’s just more of the same, a moderate republican wrapped in democrat cloth. 
Bernie is the opposite about corporationis, and while I agree with his views, it’s clear with the political clout corporations, especially energy, banks, finanancial, and investment corporations, have in Congress, it’s doubtful he could get anything done with more than a few similarly minded democrats.I th
What scares me about Bernie is his total lack of international and diplomatic experience. I like he’s even-handed with Israel, since it takes two sides to wage a prolonged war and both are guilty of extremism, some say Israel more so because their military is far more powerful, supported by the US, and has inflected far worse damage and casaulties.
So, to me, that’s the conundrum. I like Bernie, but I don’t see he’d make a good president, although he could easily suprise people, and I suspect if elected he would be more a centrist to build his administration and not anger too many democrats in Congress.
Hillary clearly is the more experienced of all the candidates in both parties, but her views bother me that’s she closer to GW Bush than Obama. Bernie would be far more moderate with the use of the miltary, but like Obama, he would have to become a centrist there too. Being a socialist doesn’t work in American politics.
So that's the situation. I think both would do well on common issues, such as jobs, infrastructure, the environment,  education, Social Security, Medicare/medicaid, etc, and even issues they may be slightly different, such as healthcare, etc. On those issues both would be good presidents, the old adage, "Six of one, half a dozen of the other."
And that's the conundrum, because you have to vote for one and not the other. But then I'm a fan of underdogs.

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