Monday, April 11, 2016

Domain Name Scam

I've owned my domain name since 2000 with the same Website host and the same domain nane host. Every now and then I get an e-mail from some domain name host company demanding I pay them to keep my domain name and information current and accurate, and threatening action if I don't.

This is in part because the information on the registration appears dated, but in truth, nothing has changed in the last 5 years, so following the rules, I review it once a year to ensure it's complete, accurate and true, which means nothing to update.

The latest round of threatening e-mails is from a company called, or, which is one of the many names used by Endurance International Group, Inc, see the Boston BBB for more information and the list of subsidaries they use to send these e-mails to domain name owners.

It's a scam. Pure and simple. Clicking on the link sets up and account for you with their company they charge you for doing nothing for you or your domain name. I usually just delete these e-mails. Today I almost replied with a cease and desist e-mail, but changed my mind and deleted it.

This is because once you respond they know you read their e-mail enough to act. That's what they want, so that they can engage you to believe they can act against your domain name and they can protect it with a subscription to their service. They can't do the former and won't do the latter.

That's why it's a scam. Make sure your domain name information is correct and only do business with the Website host and domain name host about your domain name. Anyone else is bogus and a scam if they want your money.

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