Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Fork

Sadly, after losing 5 of 7 games against the Chicago White Sox, being swept in a 3 game series against Texas and this weekend losing 2 of 3 against the Los Angeles Angeles, going 3 and 11 in all, they're now only 2 games above .500 and 5 games out of the 2nd spot in the wildcard race behing 5 other teams.

You can stick a fork in their season, it's done and toast. Twice they were 10 games above .500 and in the chase for the wildcard game, needing to be at least 12 games above .500, and twice the team went on losing streaks to drop out, and this time it's too close to the end to catch up.

The reality is that they're good team, but not consistently good enough to compete with the best. The best pitchers have failed too often, their defense has stumbled at times and their offense has become anemic at times.

In short, they lost games they should have won or blew them with errors, bad relief pitching, or not scoring when they had great chances. They did themselves in and now they're just playing to end the season and for next year's team.

But even that won't be enough because their minor leagues teams are lacking in depth of players to play at the major league level as we've seen throughout the year. They just don't have the team, better than previous years, and they don't have the future team.

That's why they have a new GM and a new manager, but that's not enough when you can't field a consistently competitive winning team for 162 games, as we've seen this year. They were there, but overachieved to get there and then underachieved to drop back.

So much for another season. Add another fork for is year, and hope for next year, but that's been management's tale to fans, "We'll be better.", but they're not and won't without management doing more to field a better team.

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