Friday, September 9, 2016

BOA Sucks

Everyone, ok, most everyone, knows Bank Of America (BOA). I first ran into them in the 1970's in Californai and learned just how bad they are, and vowed never to bank with them. But now, all these years later, I run into them now and then, and they're still proving how bad they still are.

I've had a line of credit with US Bank and their predecessor banks (the banks they took over) for over 25 years and I've never had a check be rejected or bounce. Never. I wrote one for bill two weeks ago and the company called to say BOA rejected the account.

I went to the company and the woman said BOA, which goes through their company to their parent company, where the account is with BOA, rejected it. Note, BOA didn't say "insuffiicent funds", but "not valid account", and from now on they would not accept any check from me, only cashier's checks.

This isn't my failure, as I asked them to call US Bank to verify the account and the funds, which they said they won't because the decision has already been made and they can't change it. They said the local manager can reset the account to accept my checks, but she wouldn't know until Monday.

So I went to US Bank, got a cashier's check on the line of credit and took that to the company, making it clear where the funds came from to verify it's a valid account with sufficient funds. Then she said there will be a $75 late fee, which isn't my fault since they recieved the check by the deadline, and a $50 bank fee, which also isn't my fault but the bank's.

I said I won't pay it because neither was created by me but by BOA. She said that's the manager's decision to waive the fees, the former the manager can when the account is reset to accept my checks again, and the latter the manager has to inform BOA not to charge being their fault and not mine.

Yeah, you get the picture. Someone at BOA mis-coded the check. I'm not sure if it was submitted, but US Bank said they haven't seen it to reject it. So why do I have to pay for the company and BOA who made the mistakes?

And why are the fees to f**king high? Oh, I forgot, for profit by BOA and companies. Never mind they created the situation which the computers automatically charges late fees. And why do I get stuck now with a company not accepting my checks on other accounts?

I'm sure many people have run into these problems, but this is the first time with this company in almost 30 years and with BOA. I'm expecting I'll have to pay one or both fees to keep the company and/or BOA from filing against my credit rating.

And fighting it would cost more than the fees. They know this and why they set their computers to automatically do it. The banks offer all these services but then can't manage them correctly, and then charge the consumer fees to cover their own mistakes.

Anyway, just one of those days in the era of computer banking. It's not the computers, it's the people setting the rules the computer uses.

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