Monday, February 26, 2007

And Onward

Ok, I've introduced myself, more or less (more elsewhere so why repeat myself). Why am I writing? Well for one, I've always been amazed by this image by N N Rimzon. There is simply too much in the world and in our lives to contemplate and sometimes all I can do is just like the person, sqaut down from the weight and hide my face from all the events going on around me. It's who I am.

I find writing relief, from the passing thought, comment or idea, to the basic framework of something I read, heard or saw while travelling through life, to the more, and hopefully, more coherent idea, observation or work. Please understand, these are simply my views of the world, no better or worse, neither right or wrong, just mine. We're all entitled to our views from our knowledge and experience. It's who we are.

So, I hope you enjoy the short essays, and as stated in the introduction, you're welcome to comment. Please just follow the few simple rules about respect for each other. And in passing, don't forget my favorite Webcam at Paradise, Mt. Rainier National Park.

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