Wednesday, February 28, 2007


So, after explaining what my photography is about and what I am as a photographer, what's the goal and plan? A goal, whew, that's a tough one, as I'm on the wandering road of life with my camera, so a goal is simply to continue. A plan is a hmmm..., since I don't have a definitive one except to think out loud as I wander.

I like to think about photography, my photography and the world, trying to connect the mental dots in my mind or just create new ones that lead somewhere else. Sometimes it's an idea, a word, a visual image, something I saw, someone, something I heard or read, a photograph, mine or another photographers, and so on. It's about where things fit, if they even do, or trying to find if a square pegs fits in a round hole (it can with some imagination or a big hammer).

The initial plan is to expand on a series of thoughts, using that one for the more spectific topics on photography and this one for things related to photography, relating life and the world to photography. If you carry a camera, you're doing both living and taking pictures so why separate the two? I can't, and there will be some overlap with the two columns, but I can make an effort.

And what are the topics which fit here? Gee, a list of words or ideas? How about entropy, complexity, chaos, randomness, simplicity, reality, time, Taoism, depression, people, and so on. I also plan to explore my life in photography here, so it may wander a bit when I put the camera down and just sit awhile pondering the space in front of me. So you're welcome to pick a chair and enjoy a discussion or suggest a topic.

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