Sunday, February 25, 2007


Ok, I'm starting here, and you're reading this, perhaps thinking, "Why I am here and what can this person tell me to make my time useful, if only the occasional thought or smile?" That I can't answer, but I can try, and you're welcome to send me e-mail or comment about my posts. I will say, however, I prefer criticism with humor, honestly, and suggestions, meaning be nice and courteous, and I'll listen, otherwise, who knows. It depends on the day and events in the day how well I listen.

So, onward with the introduction. You can find a lot about me on my Website. What can you say about one life in 6-plus billion people that's different or unique? It's just a life amongst the many, just mine as yours is yours. While we are individuals and we're just people sharing a planet spinning, rotating, and hurling through the universe. Ok, enough of the hype?

I hope to use this for some longer thoughts on photography, geography and life. I post a lot of smaller thoughts, mostly reactions, on my MySpace, and some longer thoughts on My Website. I'm always open to opposing views, and like diversity in perspectives, just follow the rule your grandmother told you.

This should do it for now, and I'll add posts as ideas cross my senses to compose something worthwhile. Thanks for the ear.

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