Thursday, June 28, 2007

JMO - Let the Court Decide

Ok, I've been following the news on the Vice President's rant against Congress and the Office of Archive and Records over non-comliance with providing information and access to records of the VP's office. On one hand Dick Cheney said his office, staff included, wasn't subject to the Excutive Branch excutive orders on accounting for secrets documents because he is the President of the Senate, and on the other hand his office wasn't subject to Congressional requests because he was the Vice President and worked for the President, and had excutive privilege. Huh?

He wants it both ways, and then finally declared he really wasn't part of either and an independent part of government not governed by any laws or overseen by anyone else except the President himself. And now we've learned he has, in effect, violated many other Cabinet officers and Department heads by going around them, behind their back or ignoring them in his discussions with the President. This was noted in a recent radio show which described he wrote the letter on torture without any outside review except his staff. Huh?

So now when Congress sent some letters requesting documents, Cheney, wiith the President's backing, simply didn't reply and then the President sent a letter saying, in very legal term, "Fuck You" (ok, aplogies for the language, but if the VP can say that to a Senator, I can say it too). And now the White House is saying we don't want to go to court but we have the right to say no. Well it's time Congress said no and took the President to court, all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary. This needs to be played out in the courts and let the public see the truth of the White House.

I for one am on the side of Congress. We elected them, but only the President and not the White House staff. We have a right to make sure our rights are preserved and the President and Vice President are subject to the laws of this country and nation. As I recall Nixon lost his fight, so I think in the end Bush will also lose. He has some unique powers, but not more than any citizen when it comes to obeying Congress and the people.

So to Congress I say don't budge and stand your ground if it means the full legal path. It's time Congress got some backbone and represented the people and this country with our Constitution. And to Senator Leahy, go for it. I admire your restraint in public, and I hope you don't compromise. Let the people see democracy in action and preserve our values in the Constitution.

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