Monday, June 25, 2007

NPR - Thanks to Lisa Stuebing

I wrote my story about photographing the 2007 Seattle Pride parade. While walking around the staging area before the people really began to assemble for the parade I took a photo of a woman walking past a bus stop (see sixth photo in above gallery). I didn't pay much attention and walked on, but shortly at the corner waiting for the crosswalk sign to change (Seattle is strict with these with real tickets) the woman walked across to the same corner. She had a yellow tag with her name on it and candidate for a Seattle School District post.

Well, she is Lisa Stuebing. She was gracious enough to allow me to photograph her before we walked a block to go our separate ways, her to the whatever she did in preparation for the parade and me to Tully's to get some coffee. Well, I can say I give her a lot of credit and courage for not only attending the parade, but being in it. How many candidates are accepting enough to be around the diversity of people at this event?

For me, I have to ask the rest of the candidates, what are you afraid of? Being human and accepting diversity? Or do some of them make you uncomfortable to enjoy a nice Sunday morning? No one is there to argue you have be one of them or be involved in their life. It's simply about understanding and tolerance, to show you care for everyone, not just those like you or those you like. It takes courage to step outside into the diversity of our nation. And that Lisa did with a big smile and spirit.

I wish her well in her life and endeavors to help others.

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