Monday, June 25, 2007

Seattle Pride 2007

This last Sunday June 24th, I spent the morning photographing the staging area and start of the Seattle Pride parade. I posted my gallery of images from this event. It wasn't my best work as I was partly under the weather, physically - it rained where I lived and with the predicted showers I almost decided to skip the event, and mentally - had problems remembering the settings on the camera. And I apologize for the images if they're off a little.

But to me, there's nothing like a good walk and nothing like being around a diversity of happy people. As I said in the notes to the 2006 Pride parade and this one, it's about people. Not just people who you think attends these events, but everyone, from the out and proud, to the families and tourists. It's just about enjoying the company of people who accept others. And it doesn't matter if some groups make you uncomfortable, there's far to many others to make it a cool event.

I didn't get to the other events, the Saturday parade in the Capitol Hill area and festival at Volunteer Park or the Seattle Center festival on Sunday. I'm not a crowd person in that sense. I like walking around with my camera photographing what I see. And I want to thanks the folks gracious enough for the moment of their time. I hope to see you again next year.

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