Monday, September 3, 2007

JMO - Government Secrecy

I read a lot of newspapers, 3-5 papers four or five days a week. I like to get a cup of coffee and sit at a large table to spend several hours reading the newspapers. I open every page of every section, except the classifieds, and scan the headlines to every article. I scan most of the articles and read the interesting ones. I keep a a pair of scissors and a notepad and pen handy. The first to cut articles out and the notepad to write thoughts and ideas on my MySpace blog.

I don't write letters to editors or express much about my views and perspectives on the news except here and on my MySpace. It's mostly just to rant, rave, vent or think out loud. And it helps me keep focused on the greater world and its many people and events. There's little if anything I can do about things, but at least I'm aware of them. And my point here?

I read the article Government expansion of powers should concern all, coalition says. It's by Peter Yost, AP writer. It's really scary to read about our government, not only invading our privacy and security, but doing it with such impunity toward our civil liberties and rights. We're losing our democracy, and our President is selling it in the name of fighting terrorism.

But since when is loss of Constitution and Bill of Rights fighting terrorism? Since when are Americans terrorists? Normal, hardworkiing citizens terrorist? I don't think so. We need a government to restore our liberties and rights, and Congress better get their proverbial heads out of asses and get some backbone to represent the people who elected them than pandering to the President, their party and lobbyists.

We're slowly losing in the phrase, "government of the people, by the people, and for the people." We're the people. It's time we demanded and time Congress listened and did what we ask. Protect the citizens from our own government. We need to restore our democracy. Read the article. Share it with friends. Write letter to your elected representatives to complain. If they give you guff about "this or that" threat, simply write back, "That's bullshit and you know it."

Ask them if they weren't a congressman/woman, would they accept the right of the government to invade and pry into your life as they can now on the whim of being related to terrorism? Would you accept being arrested on suspicious evidence that you provided "material support" to terrorist? Would you allow the NSA to read all your e-mail, Web surfn' and listen to all your phone calls? Would you accept losing your right to legal counsel and be imprisoned without contact with the world, or even your family? Would you accept the Justice Department lawyers saying the evidence to convict you is secret and can't be shared with your lawyer, but "Trust us, you're guilty."?

They know they wouldn't accept this, but they also know their expempt as representatives. They're part of the problem, at worst voting for these laws, and at best being silent. Except Senator Robert Byrd. We need more representatives like him for his wisdom and voice. Where are the rest of them?

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