Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mt. Rainier NP Photo Guide

After getting my Photography Guide for Mount Rainier National Park started last year, it has reached a point I needed to organize it into something easier to use and update. I have done this and it's available at the link above. This guide is still incomplete, as some of the Park area quadrants are currently just shells for information as I find the time to research information, which will eventually lead to even more detailed information on photography in the National Park.

It is my goal over the fall and winter months to work on those Web pages so by the spring photographers will have some basic information for their trip. This guide is a long term project, which I estimate will take another 2-3 years before I have sufficient information for a book. In the meantime I will be converting some of the Web pages into PDF files so they can be downloaded and printed for trips to Mt. Rainier National Park.

In addition to the guide, I update the Latest News once a month, and sooner when I find news worth adding before the routine update. This includes an updated Access Guide. And I will be working on new photo galleries as I get to the Park with both my digital and large format camera systems.

The photo is the one that restarted my interest for a photography guide for the Park. I found it on the Mazama Ridge trail from the Paradise Visitors Center. I liked it because it showed that nature isn't always about life, but also death. I visit this tree every few years and it does continue to grow as the broken top reached the ground and regrow as does the lower part of it. It's a story in nature, always resilant to seek life. Something we should remember in our own life.

So please enjoy the guide, and please feel free to contact me if you have some experience in Mt. Rainier National Park you with to share on this Website, have suggestions or questions.

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