Wednesday, April 30, 2008

JMO - I'm not to blame

I was reading about the President's recent, especially yesterday's, news conferences. And it occurred to me that not only does George just not get it, meaning understand anything beyond is very narrow view of the world from the White House, he's determined to blame anyone but himself for anything that has happened. He really is saying, "It's not my fault."

Here's a President to up to a few weeks ago didn't realize gas prices were over $3.50 per gallon and likely to go over $4.00 per gallon, up by $1.50 to $2.00 in just over a year. And his only solution? Let's drill in ANWR, which even when brought into production after the 5-10 years of drilling and infrastructure would only add a few percentage to the daily oil consumption, and then only last at best a few years.

All the while the Oil companies, who continue to annually report record corporate profits, would add more profits to their coffers while destroying ANWR for eternity. ANWR is our gift to our future and the future of the planet. It deserves expanding and an eternal prohibition on any energy or mineral exploration. Destroying it would only be the sign of our narrow mentality for short term gain.

Anyway, the President went only to rail against Congress and the American people. He wanted to bail out the subprime mortage companies and banks who invested in them, but leave the homeless homebuyer on the street. Why? He doesn't understand. He has a scrub brush ranch in Texas bought with corporate money he received to be their namesake in politics. George hasn't work a day in his life. He's been given everything by his father's friends.

And he blames the Iraq war on Al Qaeda even though they're only 5% of the fighting. He labels any insurgent, criminal, militia, etal as Al Qaeda, and he honestly expects us to believe him, as he has this secret knowledge we don't have. Doesn't he read the newspapers? I'm sorry, I forgot, he gets briefings by his senior staff and cabinet secretaries who spin things. And lets not forget Mr. Cheney who simply lies to him.

I've blasted Bush more times than I can remember anymore, but it's not hard when George simply denies reality for his own fantasy of reality, and now standing naked to the American people, because the media finally stopped repeating his version of the truth instead of reporting the actual truth and are asking questions which George can't answer or find reporters actually questioning his answer.

George has relied on humor and his personality to sell anything, and now he can't. After seven years the media finally woke up to reality and the truth, the reality as it is and the truth the American people have long known. He has destroyed America's international reputation as a nation, a country and a people. And for what?

No one seems to know what George is thinking, or that even thinks at all. Here's a President who says we don't torture while he approves torture. He says the Geneva Convention doesn't apply anymore but is still valid to all the other nations in the world and to the UN. And he expects our enemies not to do that same as they are labelled terrorists. So, who's the terrorist? Aren't we terrorizing the world with our military?

And so it's ironic., or more a tragic comedy to hear the President talk anymore, because no one believes him anymore. He is the Emperor who has no clothes anymore and his closet is empty. And he still has another seven-plus months to be President while the economy goes south as is his war, along with his approval rating at record low for any President.

But he still believes he's right. Oh, well. George, go back to your White House and pretend. Just remember to leave everything to the next President who will actually be one, actually help the American people and restore the integrity of America in the world. You can retire to your ranch and life your pretend life, except I hope some day you'll get a moment of realization of the damage you created.

I doubt you will, but then then God will.

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