Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on digital photography

Ok, like the large format camera blog, I haven't posted anything since last July, and it's the same reason, excuse or explanation, take you pick, life and events got the better of my attention. And while I have been using my camera system routinely, I haven't posted much beyond the work I've done, like the Thanksgiving Day and St. Patrick's Day parades (image from latter here) and studio work. Outside of that I don't have much to say.

I did buy a Canon 580 EX II flash and extra battery pack for the studio work. This allows me to have three separate light sources, two softboxes with twin Minolta 360 PX flashes and one softbox with the 580 EX II. I also wanted the Canon flash for working in less than stellar light conditions in the field, such as trails, forests, overcast days, etc. It will be in the backpack when I resume hiking-photography when the weather warms up and the snow on the trails melt.

Outside of that, it's a life goes on answer. I'm not following any of the news on new cameras especially the long expected 5D Mk II. The 5D does everything I want in one camera with the EOS-1n for film work. I don't need to be one always clammering for the latest or best camera. After all I still keep my 14 Minolta manual focus cameras and 30+ lenses working, some always with film and a camera bag ready to go. I'm not going to abandon them for digital just yet.

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