Saturday, August 1, 2009

JMO - Fear Mongering

I wrote about the Republicans and the healthcare debate and reform now, or was before the Congressional August recess, being considered by Congress. Unfortunately, they're cowards to address the real issues and decided, as they usually do, reciting rhetoric is easier than reality and change. But what galls me more than their ineptness and incompetence is the Republicans responses with fear mongering. As Reagan himself might say about them, "Well, there you go again."

This week Republicans response is simply fear mongering. There is little, if any, truth in this week's response. It's simply providing lies about the work to date, especially lies about the Democrat's ideas, and worse, the President's plan. Again the Republicans, as they did last week, espoused lies about the reform being a "government" plan, and everything will change. It won't, every player in the healthcare industry is involved in the discussion.

The truth is quite the opposite. The discusison is being dominated in the backrooms and lobbying by the industry representatives, the health insurance companies, the hospital corporations, the drug industry, and the rest of them. They're getiing more access to Congressional Represenatives and Senators than the citizens who elected the Representatives and Senators. And that includes the very ones working with the Republicans to derail any good plan which help Americans.

That's where President Obama is doing good. He's providing balance. He's providing something for everyone, including the Americans who need health insurance because they don't have any, Americans who need affordable healthcare because the plan they have is too expensive, and for businesses who can provide affordable health insurance for their employees because they're lose money if they do provide it.

The unfortunate reality is that for profit healthcare and healthcare insurance isn't the answer. Every country that has a heathcare for every citizen has as a minimum a government oversight program for all heath insurance and healthcare, and as a maximum a nationial program controlled by the government. That's the solution Congress doesn't want to consider, but they forget the two best government plans out there, Medicare and the Federal Employees Heath Benefit plan.

Both of them work very well with the very government oversight and management the Republicans hate, but still providing incentives to provide the optimum plan at affordable costs to the patient. And this is the least what most countries which provide better heathcare than the US. So, what's not to understand? I don't know except I'm tired of the corporations controlling healthcare, controlling the elected politicians, and now controlling the discussion.

That's who the Republicans are representing and criticizing the proposals being put forward by the President and the Democrats. And why the Republicans can't do anyting but spread lies. They really are doing the old joke, "How can you tell when a politician is lying? His mouth moves." Yes, that's they're doing. Not being positive and open to get good healthcare for every American, but simply being dumb and stupid, espousing lies.

And the reality is that they know it and we know. No one is being fooled, except of course the Republican faithful who devour their lies like candy. The Republicans aren't fooling anyone with any sense of reality because we have to pay and live with the heathcare and health insurance currently available. Congressional representatives and staff get govenment health insurance, something they don't want you to know.

You see the government pays and provides their healthcare and health insurance. They very plan they criticize is theirs. And if that's not lying, then I don't know what is. And still they go forth and lie to the American people about heathcare and health insurance reform, all the while getting free healthcare at our expense, the taxpayers.

So why they're lying with one hand, they're doing the very thing they don't want us to have with the other. And that's on top of the lies they're espousing. They're hypocritical in their own life too. Yes, your elected politicians. Like you expect anything different? They talk about being your representatives and then forget you exist when it comes to actually doing anything. And then they'll sell you the corporate bought and paid plan to you as good for you.

They lie from the moment the see you to the moment you turn and walk away. Nary a truth said in between. Nary a truth, just lies about the truth. All in the weekly radio response from the Republicans.

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