Monday, August 17, 2009

JMO - Keep Public Options

Dear Mr. President and the "Liberals" Democrats in Congress,

Do not drop the public option in the healthcare and health insurance reform package. Don't give complete control on coverage, prices, premiums, and everything else to the health insurance companies, drug companies, and for-profit healthcare companies and hospitals. All they'll do is continue what got us here in the first place and they'll continue to milk the users for more money at the taxpayers expenses. And they'll have your blessing doing it.

The health private sector needs competition in the healthcare and health insurance arena. Don't forgo this and don't forget the poor who still won't get adequate coverage at affordable prices. Pushing everything back to the private sector won't solve the problems or reform healthcare. You and we will be back to this same issue in 3-5 years after record profits by the private sector.

Is that what you want? Try standing up and be vocal and counted. Represent the American people, not the insurance industry and lobby. As another President would say, "Stay the course." It's what the majority of American will want if you don't add public plans into the reform. You can make it competitve and make it cooperative with the private insurers and their plans.

Don't forsake the American people for politics. You'll hear about it in 2010 or 2012 when you're up for re-election. You will be known for abandoning the American people when they needed you. You will be known for caving in to fearmongers. You will be known for selling out to the insurance companies. You will be known as simply too scared to be faithful to the American people.

And I won't vote for someone who doesn't have the character to be strong and stand up for the American people when we're most in need. Don't be a quitter and bailout. Or else be ready to face the music later. You'll be known for continuing the healthcare mess and backed down when you had the opportunity to fix it right. Right for the American people.

We voted for you. The insurance companies didn't. But they bought you. We can't. So which side are you on?

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