Thursday, August 13, 2009

JMO - Healthcare Protesters

Dear protesters,

After all the noise you make about "your" healthcare, I wonder if you've read your health insurance brochure and coverage. Have you? If you did, then you would know it's not your healthcare, but the insurance company's plan and you're only paying the premiums. And odds are, you have little, if any, say in the coverage in the plan nor the price (premium).

You pay the bills, and hope it works. So, where the "your" in your healthcare? Everyone else decides what healthcare you get and what you pay and they pay for any care. There's no "your" choice or decisions there, it's all theirs. You're only along for the ride and the hope it's paid for?

So, what's your stance now? You're either blind, and haven't read your coverage plan, or ignorant, and don't want to know. Which is it?

And it's a good bet some level of government has decided what in your plan. Ever hear of State Insurance Commissioners? Ever hear of State Insurance offices which investigate abuse of health insurance by both patients-customers and companies? Yup, they're there and working for you, to keep costs down and coverage as stated in the plans. Yup, for your protection and rights.

Damn, they're government too.

And if you think it's "your" health insurance, have you ever called them to argue a decision they made for your healthcare? Did you get to decide what's right and what's the cost? No? Gee, I thought you said it was your health insurance. They didn't listen to you? Why not, you're forcing us to listen to your yelling lies?

If you have a company health insurance plan, have you tried to change it? Have you tried to decide what you pay? Or are you given choices for plans, coverage and premiums, and you consider that's your acts of choice? Multiple choice is freedom? Is that what you call yours?

And even then, who decides the coverage and the costs? Your employer and the health insurance company. Certainly not you. Or did you got to your human resources department and tell them what you want and what you'll pay? And did they listen?

And if you went to your employer, healthcare provider or health insurance company and said, "I want..." with a litany services, and prices, how long do you think the conversation would last past the end of your sentence?

The truth is your health insurance is no different than anyone else's insurance. And maybe before you open your mouth, you sit down and actually read the coverage plan, that pamphlet you get every year updating the coverage, restrictions, choices and deductibles. And then see if you really call it "your" healthcare.

Until then, try shouting less and listening more.

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