Tuesday, September 8, 2009

JMO - And so he spoke

And so the President spoke to the school children and young adults across America today. There was no socialist agenda, no hidden message about whatever people feared, no political words about war, taxes, healthcare, and so on. Just words to school children and young adults. To strive, learn and do their best.

And to all the naysayers, especially educators, school district managers, and especially parents, shame on you if you were against his right to speak and what you thought he would say. Shame on you for misjudging our President Shame on you for showing your children how prejudice and maybe bigoted you are. Just shame on you.

It was a good speech. A heart-felt and open-minded speech. What else did you think he would say? He's inspirational. He's motivating. He's offering hope and change for America and what better place to start than with school children. And you were worried? Nonsense.

And thank you Mr. President. Thank you for caring and thank you for giving.

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