Monday, September 7, 2009

JMO - Blue Dogs and all

Dear Blue Dog Democrats and almost all the Republicans in Congress,

Get off your stupid collective high horse and become human beings. I'm not sorry to call you a bunch of whining idiots. We need healthcare reform including both health insurance competition reform with oversight, accountability and patient choices and the public option. We can't just reform healthcare for the insurance companies. It's what got us here with your help.

There are several hundred thousand personal bankruptcies every year due to the individual and families medical bills. Premiums have gone up over 300% in the last seven years while insurance company profits have risen 1000% over the same period. Notice profit, not gross or net income, but profit. Sheer profit. And done with your help.

The health insurance companies, the drug companies and the for-profit hospitals and healthcare companies have provided all of you with a lot of money and have lobbied hard to keep you helping them, and not the people, the real people, who elected you. Us, yes us the voter and taxpayer. We elected you to serve and help us.

And you haven't. You have lined your pocket their money to ensure healthcare and health insurance reform doesn't pass and is never enacted. It's known and obvious. You can't lie about it. You can't try to change the argument or the evidence. You can't hide anymore. You're out, lying about healthcare reform to us. We know it's lies and still you persist.

You can't use the deficit as an excuse. You voted for a one trillion dollar war in two countries. You voted for two of Bush's tax cuts for the rich. You voted for enough pork barrel projects in your state or district. You voted for increased Medicare payments to doctors, hospitals, etal. You voted for the prescription drug bill to enrich the drug companies. You voted to raise the debt ceiling so many times you can't remember.

You have prevented the government from negotiating lower drug prices to patients. You have prevented Americans from importing drugs from Canada where it's almost half the price. And then you allowed drug companies to open overseas drug research and production plants to import drugs for higher profits.

While you have prevented us, Americans and taxpayers, from benefitting from lower prices overseas you've allowed the drug companies that same benefit. Talk about where your loyalites lie. Their profit for your campaign. That's your loyalty. And all the while arguing your interests are really for the people. Bullshit.

All of you have good, cheap healthcare, which is a government program by the way. But you know that. So why do you protest against government programs for the rest of us? They work, like Medicare, Social Security, and all the rest of them you already know and know works because you oversee and fund them. You're not stupid, just an idiot about the obvious.

So, it's time you become human like the rest of us. It's time you gave everyone in this country the right to the same healthcare and health insurance you get, like the military gets, like federal employees and retirees get, like Medicare recepients get. What's the problem? You'll lose those campaign contributions? You'll lose the their help? Like that's more important than people?

Oh, is that what's this is really about, yourself, your political ass? We'll, if so, then you are a political ass. And it's showing. You're like the emperor with no clothes, buck naked standing in the crowd.

The President gave you the power to do something good. He asked for a healthcare reform bill with some general ideas. That's what Presidents do, ask and Congress works to do that. For the people. And in this case everyone. Every citizen, immigrant and even illegal immigrants. Everyone. It's within your power and grasp to do that.

And you're hedging your bets against it by lying about it so it fails. For what? Your political ass. So stop, get down, listen to us, and get to work getting a real healthcare reform bill passed with the public option. It's all in your hands, even the public option. You can design it to work and make it debt-free. Not hard, it's all there to see, know and do.

So, what's the problem? Or have you forgotten the American people?

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