Monday, September 7, 2009

JMO - Let the President Speak

To all you parents and school district not broadcasting the President's speech to the schools and school children,

It's the President! He has the right to be there and speak to the children and young people of this nation. You should listen, and you should let your children and teenagers listen. That's what America is about. Listening to the President, and like him or not, it's what he does, speak to America.

You know if he were a Republican, you wouldn't think twice to allow it and accept his word as gospel. And despite what some of you might think, if he were white, you would allow and listen to him. But because he's a Democrat, and one of african descent, you're against it.

What did you call it, socialist indoctrination? Really? Like he can do that? He won't. He wants to talk about learning, eductation, dedication, knowledge, motivation, and whatever else can be said to inspire children and young adults to be better people and better Americans. That's not hard to understand.

So, maybe it's time you got out from underneath the rock you're living and join the group of us who call ourselves Americans and listen to our President. We don't have agree, lord knows I did't with George Bush every time, but I listened to him when he addressed the nation.

It's his right and our responsibility as citizens. His right to speak and our responsibility to listen. And then we can discuss and decide, informed from our own experience, knowledge and understanding and knowing what he said was his xperience, knowledge and understanding and knowing. He speaks from his heart and mind and as President. And we listen as citizens.

That's what America is about. Don't deny your children that lesson and opportunity because you're prejudice, and maybe even a bigot. That's your right but it's not your parental right to indoctrinate your children with such hate. America isn't about hate, it's about our democratic republic and citizens being citizens.

And it's about our future, the children to see, know and hear their President. That's our responsibility and obligation.

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