Saturday, February 6, 2010

JMO - Male Arrogance

I've often wondered if it's a combination of personality, from our genes, and testosterone which makes men arrogant, some beyond any measure of decency, beyond even confidence, but into just pure arrorgance. There are any number of circumstances and situation this rears its ugly head, and rather than dispensing good advice, it turns into a unilateral lecture about what you should do.

Why the sudden outrage? It's the phrase, "Get over it." that bug me. I've always hated it. The person, most often a man, who says it usually overcame some adversity and has decided his way of surviving works for everyone. One size fits all method. And he definitely wants to tell everyone else how they can do just the same.

He doesn't care about you, just how how can use his method to make your life better by following his direction, which he gladly tells you. And above, he doesn't want to listen, just talk, at you, not to you or with you, but in your face and in your mind with his, and often "God' loving, advice.

I was reading a health column where a man of 62, who was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 36, lives a happy and productive life despite going through numerous surgeries, countiess drug cocktails, and so on. He wants to tell you how you can do as well with the list of rules.

I won't argue the rules are good and mostly common sense. I will argue, however, that his choice of words are the problem by being direct than suggesting, or even the easiest, "This is what I have learned, and maybe it will help you." Kinda' like the one-minute manager for your health problems.

And in the list is the rule, "Get over it.", like everyone else can just accept his rules for their situation with this ailmnent. This totally forgets the individual's situation and circumstance and avoids addressing the individual's personality, character and temperament. And it sublty dismisses any related or other conditions the person may have.

In short, he doesn't care about them to really offer more than some common sense suggestions. He wants to lecture, but he could have just as easily done that without getting in their face and yelling. People don't need drill sargents standing inches from them yelling what they should do because it worked for them and they "know" it will work for you.

In the end, maybe he needs to follow his own advice, get over your arrogance and become a human being.

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