Tuesday, February 2, 2010

JMO - Missing Middle Class

In reading the stuff Congress and especially President Obama are doing to help the poor and the middle class, it's clear to me they're missing a huge number of people in the middle class. And there are few consistencies between the people who are in the gaps of the missing middle class, but it would be nice if both Congress and the President consider helping us too.

I speak of those who aren't buying a home, namely renting. I speak for those who have little if any debt and have some savings, not much but sufficient for small emergencies. I speak for those who have good health insurance plans but couldn't afford any catastrophic health issue, disease or condition. I speak for those who are on fixed incomes, especially annuities, which don't increase at the rate of inflation or the cost of living.

And so on. All the help is for debtors, home buyers, retirement accounts, investors, and on and on, but not us. Except for small income tax cuts everyone gets, we don't see anything in the money spent for helping people in our pockets, in our bank accounts and in our lives. So, when we will be helped?

I'm not against the help for others, I believe it's the best and right thing to do, but let's not forget those who fell through the proverbial cracks in all the stimulus plans, who are middle class but don't qualify for any of the stimulus programs. We're losing too, only slower, but just as insidiously. We live in the same world, pay the same prices, and spend the same money.

But we're losing too. Maybe not as much or as fast, partly because we're cautious and conservative with our money, but still going down the financial hill with everyone else. All the financial planning won't save as anymore as it saves the rest of the people you're helping, only we're not getting help.

So, consider in all your stimulus plans helping those who haven't been helped and still need it. The invisible missing middle class.

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